Vaughn Sills | photographer

Vaughn Sills, fine art and documentary photographer

Cover of Vaughn Sill's Places for the Spirit

Places for the Spirit: Traditional African American Gardens is now available from Amazon and other bookstores.

I am a fine art and documentary photographer, particularly interested in the relationship between the natural world, culture and the inner life, as well as the experience of the individual in family and their cultural environment. 

I welcome inquiries regarding exhibition and publication.

My work has been shown in many museums and galleries, and it has brought me a number of honors, grants and awards, including two Artist's Fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, an award by Artadia: Fund for Art and Dialogue, and another from the New Enland Foundation for the Arts.

To learn more about my book Places for the Spirit, Tradiional African American Gardens, click on the book image to the left, look at Gardens under Portfolio above, and read the review by Mark Feeney in The Boston Globe.

Current and Recent Exhibitions

Church Exhibition Gallery, The Botanic Garden of Smith College, Northampton, MA, March 6 - September 30, 2015

Workshop, NEH Humanities Institute/VA State University: "Imagining Sustainable Environments: Place and Culture in the Global Community," May 18-22.

Room 83 Spring, Watertown, MA, March 16 - April 16, 2015

Longhouse Projects, Artadia's 15th Anniversary Exhibition, New York City, NY, Sept. 13 - Oct. 25, 2014